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        The impact of the Silk Road on steel sales

        Date:Jul 4,2015

        According to the latest statistics from Shijiazhuang customs,The steel exports is 9.182 million tons of HEBEI province in the first five months of this year, comparing to the same period last year increased by 52.7%.Value of 26.44 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%.Which exported to 32 countries in Maritime Silk Road of 5.239 million tons, jumped by 86.3%;Exported to 47 countries in Land Silk Road economic belt 1.985 million tons, increased 1.1 times.


        They accounted for 78.7% of the total exports at the same period. Exports of private enterprises accounted for half. The exports of private enterprises is 5.334 million tons, sharply increased by 73.5%, and is accounted for 58.1% of total exports;State-owned enterprises to export 2.614 million tons, increased by 18.9%, accounted for 28.5% of total exports. Foreign invested enterprises to export 1.233 million tons, increased by 66.9%, accounting for 12.6%. Among the Export trade partners , in the association of ASEAN is in the first place, Africa, South Korea, the United States are presented.In the first five months of this year, HEBEI steel exported to 177 countries and regions all over the world.


        The ASEAN exports of 3.258 million tons, 62.3% increased; South Korea's exports of 1.14 million tons, 29% increased;Latin American exports of 822000 tons, reduce 3.5%; African exports of 795000 tons, 47% increased; Exports to the EU(28 countries) of 488000 tons, 34.1% increased; The United States exports of 268000 tons, an increase of 40.3%. Steel bar and plate is the main export varieties. Steel rebar exports of 4.016 million tons, increased by 89.4%, accounted for 43.7%; The exports of sheet/plate is 3.706 million tons, increased by 49.3%,accounted for 40.4% of total exports; Angle steel and steel section exports of 884000 tons, reduce 1.7%; and the exports of steel pipe/tube is 102000 tons, increased by 1.1%.


        Analysis of the insiders thinks that demand growth in the emerging markets and Europe and the United States, pulling up the steel exports. Especially the countries in the area of One Belt And One Road ,their market potential is enormous , foreign trade development prospects is considerable. The countries in the area of One Belt And One Road ,the domestic manufacturing common in developing countries is relatively weak, but the infrastructure construction demand is enormous, their demand for steel in our country will be increased, thereby driving the steel exports of the province .

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